"The Blasting Primer", Second Edition
             -A bigger, better, and more complete book on blasting.

Written and developed by Jim Ludwiczak. He has over thirty years experience in the explosive and blasting industry as a governmental regulator, blaster trainer, claim and complaint investigator, mine operator, and blasting consultant. His works have been published by McGraw-Hill, the Society of Explosives Engineers, Coal Age, The Kentucky Coal Journal, Journal of Explosives Engineering, and the University of Kentucky. Along with the blast engineering, he conducts blaster-training classes for various colleges and universities, state governments, and private companies. He has used this material to train thousands of blasters, state and federal inspectors, attorneys and engineers.
"The Blasting Primer" has been written after many years of development and research.

Developed, designed, and priced to provide:

  • A study guide for blaster certification training.
  • Daily reference for blasters in the field
  • To give managers an understanding of explosive use.
  • A textbook for students of explosives engineering.
  • A guidebook for attorneys and insurance collectors.

  Some areas covered in the 150+ pages are:



The Price of  “The Blasting Primer” is $40.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling ( KY residents add 6% sales tax).

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”The Blasting Primer”
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  • Terminology
  • Theory of Explosives
  • Selection of Explosives
  • Blast Vibration and Air Blast
  • Non-Electric Initiation Systems
  • Blasting Safety
  • Principals of Drilling
  • Properties of Explosives
  • Electric Initiation
  • Blasting with Detonator Cord
  • Loading Boreholes


  • Blasting Patterns
  • Design Criteria for
            Blasting Operations
  • Adverse Effects of Blasting
  • Preblasting Surveys
  • Blasting and Blasting Liability
  • Blasting Records
  • Blasting next to wells
               and Gas Lines
  • Blasting Public Relations
  • Explocives Disposal


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