⇒ Complicated and Compliance Blasting Plans and Designs ⇒ Pre Blasting and Post Blasting Plans and Designs
⇒ Blaster and Blasting Safety Training ⇒ Pre Blasting, Pre Mining, Subsidence, and Historical Structure  Surveys 
⇒ Blasting Program Analysis and Development ⇒ Complaint and Claim Investigations
⇒ Explosive and Blasting Research and Development Assistance ⇒ Blasting Public Relations
⇒ Expert Investigations for Blasting and Explosive Related Incidents ⇒ Sales, Servicing, Calibration, and Leasing of Instantel Inc., Blasting Seismographs and Blasting Monitoring Systems
⇒ Damage investigations and Expert Testimony ⇒ Blast Vibration and Air Blast Control and Monitoring
⇒ Computer Software and Analysis of Blasting Vibration Waveforms ⇒ Mechanical Equipment and Pile Driving Vibration Monitoring
  ⇒ Professional Instruction for the Use of Blasting Seismographs and the Analysis of Seismic Data

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Blasting and Mining Consultants, Inc.
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