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Jim Ludwiczak, president of BMC, is a licensed professional geologist, a certified and licensed blaster, and is a blasting instructor in many states.

He has more than thirty  years of experience as a governmental regulator, a field blaster, a mine operator, a blasting and blast monitoring instructor, and as  a claim and complaint investigator.  He also evaluates blasting programs,  and conducts analysis of blast related seismic data. 

 Ludwiczak specializes in complicated blast designs and has trained thousands of blasters, governmental regulators and inspectors, mine managers , and students of explosives engineering.   He is also involved with the research and development of explosive products and systems.

   Ludwiczak  has written over fifty technical papers and books about blast designs, seismic monitoring, complaint and claim investigations, computerized blasting seismographs, conducting pre-blasting surveys, and blasting safety.  His book "The Blasting Primer", is used worldwide as a training manual. 

 Ludwiczak was a founding member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers    and served ten years on the board of directors in addition to serving on many committees.

 BMC's fully trained staff specializes in complicated blast designs, blaster training, third party review of blasting programs, pre-blasting surveys, public relations, claim and complaint investigations, sales, rentals, calibration, and servicing of computerized blasting seismographs and air blast monitors (Instantel), third party vibration monitoring and analysis, and expert witness work with explosives and blasting-related litigation.

BMC's clients consist of underground and surface coal mines and quarries, heavy and light construction contractors, explosives manufacturers, federal and state regulators, federal park rangers, and field blasters.  In addition, BMC provides blasting and seismic consulting services to federal, state, city and county governments and private citizens.

" The Blasting Primer" written and developed by
Jim Ludwiczak.
At Last! a practical and basic book on blasting and explosives.

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